The brand

When jewellery complements the skin

Discover fine, pure jewellery that feels like a second skin. The kind you never want to leave, the kind that are an integral part of your personality.

Fine jewellery accessories that complement your silhouette with style. Natural elegance.

Fetish pieces that bring strength and aura. You'll shine from within. Or when the purity of diamonds adorns you with their protective and spiritual virtues.

Combining the simplicity and nobility of diamonds

Founded in 2005, the Parisian-Belgian brand immediately stood out for its philosophy: daring to mix materials, combining the simplicity of the substrate with the nobility of gold and diamonds.

Coming from a line of jewellers, designer Vanessa Tugendhaft oscillates between family know-how and personal daring. From the outset, she set out to democratise jewellery and make this mythical stone, the diamond, accessible.

For her first collection, she combined diamonds with a lucky red thread bracelet. It was an instant success. This jewel, called Identity, became one of the brand's flagship pieces.

Over the years, the designer has created new collections of fine jewellery. Precious jewellery in gold and set with diamonds, to be worn every day, from morning to night.

Vanessa Tugendhaft was awarded the Designer of the year prize in 2010 by the jury of Paris capitale de la création, and has made a name for herself on the coveted fine jewellery scene. Her creations appeal to both celebrities and women who appreciate an elegant, graphic and timeless style.

Welcome to Vanessa Tugendhaft Jewellery's world.